About BizLabs

BizLabs is a Scalerator for advanced stage Haredi founder's startup companies. The program is designed for 6-7 start-ups in each cycle, who, for 4 months, receive full services, access to multinational corporations, professional workshops and an investor forum.

The goal of the program is to improve the success rate of start-ups with Haredi founders. Our vision is to be the leading platform in Israel to promote technology companies in the Haredi community.

Our mission is to scale advanced stage Haredi startups, across all industries, for zero-equity taken. The program is fully subsidized.

What you Get

4 Months of prestigious program

Advanced technological space In the best Location in Jerusalem

professional team



Advanced work plan and professional workshops

Access and guidance from Multinationals

Endless networking opportunities

Industry Partners

שותפים ביזלאבס
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The Team

Avremi Tukatsinsky

Community Manager

Yitzik Crombie

Yitzik Crombie

CEO of Bizmax

Gil Shourka

Gil Shourka

Managing Director

Advisory Committee

Erel Margalit

Founder and Chairman of
Jerusalem Venture Partners

Kobi Samboursky

Kobi Samboursky

Founder & Managing Partner at Glilot Capital Partners

Amit Keren

Amit Keren

Managing Director, Deutsche Telekom Israel

Miri Yoskowitz

Miri Yoskowitz

Audit Partner at KPMG

Marc Schimmel

Marc Schimmel

Founder & president of 'Achim Global' foundation, Angel investor

Udi Ben-Dror

VP Finance and Business Development at The Jerusalem Development Authority

Bob Rosenschein

Bob Rosenschein

Founder Answers.com

Harold Wiener

Harold Wiener

General Partner, Terra Venture Partners

Hadar Avtalion

Hadar Avtalion

Startups, Accelerator and Incubator Business Development at AWS

Contact Us

The program is fully subsidized and we do not take Equity

BizLabs Cohort

Registration terms

  • A technological start-up with at least one Haredi founder
  • An advanced stage Startup that meets the following criteria: A) After raising $ 250,000 or more. B) at product/sales stage
  • Active company with full-time staff
  • Commitment to the process: The entrepreneurs have to be available to sit at the Labs Jerusalem during the program period
  • Filling the entrance questionnaire, interview, and the decision of the admissions committee
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